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Northside Baseball Academy
Private Baseball Lessons

Summary:   Northside Baseball Academy offers individual and group lessons for boys, ages 11-18. Daytime and evening hours are available by appointment only. Instructors are skilled in age-appropriate training in pitching, hitting, fielding and more!

Eligibility:   Boys, age 11 - 18

Location:   Determined at time of appointment

Instructors:   In addition to our in-house coaching staff, Northside Baseball Academy networks with local coaches in the Houston area who give private lessons in various locations and help us out with our camps, clinics and training sessions. Below is the beginning of what we hope to be a growing list of Academy coaches and other local coaching talent who can help you take your game to its highest level.

 Shelby Thomas Shelby Thomas
Pitching / Hitting
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   David Clyde David Clyde
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 Fred Watt Fred Watt
Hitting / Fielding
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   Jason Williams Jason Williams
Hitting / Catching / Fielding
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Instructors Wanted! - Qualified baseball instructors - How would you like to moonlight by helping young players develop their games? If you're interested in becoming a part-time instructor with the Northside Baseball Academy, give us a call at 936-443-1969 or drop us a line by email.

Rates:   The figures listed below represent the Northside Baseball Academy's Standard Rates for individual and group lessons. Please refer to each coach's personal page for actual rate information for that coach, along with any additional requirements.
     Single Lesson
          Half-hour = $40
          Hour = $60
     Four-Lesson Commitment
          Half-hour = $30 (per lesson)
          Hour = $45 (per lesson)
     Single Lesson
          One Hour = $60 + $10 per player
          Two Hours = $100 + $15 per player
     Four-Lesson Commitment
          One Hour = $45 + $10 per player (per lesson)
          Two Hours = $75 + $15 per player (per lesson)

Scheduling:   All scheduling is handled by appointment only with the respective coach. Please refer to each coach's personal page for contact information.

Other Information:   Player should always wear appropriate clothing for the activity at hand, including baseball pants and hat, baseball cleats (no track spikes), and appropriate protective gear. Depending on the type of instruction being given, player may also need additional equipment (e.g., tennis shoes for indoor batting and certain running drills). Always check with the coach beforehand to find out what you will need to bring. Player must provide his own equipment based on the particular instruction being given (glove, bat, batting gloves, catcher's gear, etc.) Coaches may have some used equipment available for beginners, but you should always check with the coach prior to assuming that this is the case. Player should also bring his own water or other liquid supply (Gatorade, PowerAde, etc.)

Parents are welcome to stick around, provided they remain away from training activities. Parents also need to plan for drop-off and pick-up at the appropriate times; neither the instructor nor Northside Baseball Academy will be responsible for players who are not picked up at the appropriate time.

Requirements:   Each player must complete and sign a Participation Form / Medical Release Form prior to acceptance for private/group lessons. Full payment must be made no later than the first lesson. Checks should be made payable to "Northside Baseball Academy". If mailed, please send form and payment to:
Northside Baseball Academy
PO Box 3672
Conroe, Texas 77305

Questions:   Please call 936-443-1969 or send us an email if you have any questions about our private or group lessons.

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