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Shelby Thomas
   Shelby Thomas

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  Shelby is currently the head coach of the Northside Falcons Homeschool High School baseball team. An exceptional high school and collegiate player, Shelby has trained and/or coached numerous individual players, many of whom have received college scholarships or are playing pro, minor league or semi-pro ball. He has worked personally with a number of top athletes, including Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett. Shelby brings an impressive level of experience and expertise to the area of personal and group training, helping players of all ages develop their maximum potentials.

Areas of Expertise:

  An exceptional instructor in all aspects of the game, Shelby's primary area of expertise is in pitching, where he is best known for his ability to teach young players the fine art of throwing a serious curveball. But he is by no means limited to that; Shelby also works with pitchers on location, power, pitch selection, pick-off moves, and more, insisting on a comprehensive approach to the pitching game. Finally, Shelby has shown a remarkable ability in pinpointing hitting weaknesses and improving the strokes of those players who are committed to working hard on their performance at the plate.


  North Houston / Montgomery County (and Greater Houston area)
Actual lesson location determined by type of instruction, player location and venue availability.


  Shelby's rates are based on the Northside Baseball Academy Standard Rates, plus additional expenses, if applicable (i.e., travel, cage rental, etc.)

Contact Shelby:

  Shelby should be contacted via our online contact form. Just select Shelby Thomas from the drop-down list in the form.

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