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David Clyde
   David Clyde

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  David Clyde was born on Friday, April 22, 1955, in Kansas City, Kansas. On June 7, 1973, at age 18 and fresh out of Westchester High School in Houston, David was selected by the Texas Rangers as the #1 overall pick in the Major League Draft. Rangers owner Bob Short -- against the advice of his manager, scouts, and others possessing significantly more baseball knowledge -- rushed David to the majors in an attempt to rescue his sagging ticket sales woes. On June 27, 1973, David started (and won!) his first major league game . . . just twenty days after being drafted. He played five years in the majors with the Rangers and Indians organizations.

David now acts as a pitching coach for many young players throughout the Houston area. His base of operations is with the Miracles Baseball Academy in northwest Houston. He also assists regularly with the Northside Baseball Academy and Northside Falcons where, for several years now, he has helped out with our camps, offering sound advice and instructions to our young pitchers as they seek to refine their skills and take their games to the next level.

Areas of Expertise:

  David is a pitching coach, plain and simple. At 6'3", the left-hander teaches the mechanics of power, while stressing the greater importance of location and movement. As many local players will attest, both High School and youth league players alike can do no better than to obtain some solid pitching instruction from David Clyde.


  Northwest Houston (and Greater Houston / Montgomery County area)
Most lessons provided at Miracles Baseball Academy. Other locations possible by special arrangement.


  Call for rates or visit the Miracles Baseball Academy for more information.

Contact David:

  David prefers to be contacted directly at 281-830-7701. Or you can drop him a line by email using our contact form.

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