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Enteractive Management / Northside Baseball Academy
2014 Spectacular Summer Series Baseball Tournaments

Tournament Registration

Registration is easy! Just fill out the form below to let us know that you want in. But don't forget to secure a position. A $100 deposit secures a position for your team*. Be sure to register first, then click here to secure your position. Teams qualify for spots based on the order in which they've secured their positions, and several other factors. Click here for more information.
After your team qualifies...

Payment of Balance:  Qualified teams must pay the balance of their tournament fee no less than one week prior to the tournament. If your team has qualified and you're ready to pay the balance, click here.

Proof of Insurance:  Each team must also provide proof of insurance in order to participate. One way to do that is by simply uploading it during the registration process below. For information on other methods of how to get that to us, please click here.

The only other requirements are for actual game day expectations, such as game balls, scoring, dugout rules, etc. Click here for details.

Registration Form (Fields in red are required)

Team Information

Team Name

Age Group  

Please tell us where your team is from



Select a Tournament
Please select the specific tournament for which you are registering. If you need to register for multiple tournaments, please submit a separate form for each. All tournaments shown here are for 2014.

Contact Information

Each team must designate an official contact person who will act as the liaison for that team and handle all correspondence and communications between the team and the tournament staff. It is THAT person's information that should be provided below. Thanks.

First Name (of Official Contact)

Last Name (of Official Contact)

Email Address

Cell Phone Number (please include area code)

Please enter any comments you may have

Proof of Insurance

Each team is required to provide proof of insurance. You are not required to submit that now, but if you'd like to, you can use either of the methods below. For more information about this requirement and other methods for getting it to us, click here.

Method 1 - File Upload
Please send us a copy of your certificate of insurance, or the declarations page from your policy. Just browse to the file on your computer and upload it here. Please make sure it is in either PDF or JPG format and no larger than 300KB.

Method 2 - Send us the Information
If you choose to just send us the information, be sure to fill out all of the fields below.


Policy #


Agent Name

Agency/Agent Phone Number

Referred By:


For security purposes, please re-enter the numbers/letters from the image above in this box.

Submit Your Registration
Please be patient and wait for a "Thank You" page to load to confirm that your registration was received.


If you'd like to return to the tournament home page, click here.

* Please note that securing a position does not guarantee a spot. Please go here to learn about qualifying and guaranteeing a position.

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